To be independent is to be autonomous

Independence offers the privilege of making decisions

based upon criteria determined by an individual, not an institution.


That’s not to say someone who is independent must always act as a “lone-soldier”, but it puts that individual in a position to chart his own course. In the case of a truly independent financial advisor, the advisor has the freedom to choose or amend his processes and relationships as he deems appropriate. The independent advisor works for himself and employs resources he feels will help his clients meet their goals. A non-independent, or captive, advisor is hired by a company to sell their products to his clients. The independent advisor is in a position to put his clients’ needs first, while the captive advisor's primary loyalty is to his employer-company.  

On the surface, an independent advisor may appear to be a small fish in a big pond. You’re unlikely to see his company’s name at the top of a skyscraper or his commercials during the Super Bowl. His company will not be a household brand on a national scale or listed on a stock exchange, but he sees that as a feather in his cap, because those are elements that limit autonomy. An independent advisor savors his boutique practice and specific client. He loves what he does, because he has the freedom to make any change he sees fit, so he can continue to operate in the exclusive interest of his clients. He thinks nothing of the “small fish, big pond” comparison, because he knows the unsatisfying experience clients of a “big fish” receive. The independent advisor knows that when his clients need an advocate and advice, his name is at the top of their minds.

The advisors of Wealth Management Strategies, Inc.® have been truly independent since the firm was established in 1994 and they were fiduciaries long before it was a regulatory mandate. Independence and acting as fiduciaries are staples of the practice, because they are essential to the execution of our mission. We help our clients have a healthier relationship with their money. The only way to make that possible is simple: we make our clients the priority and helping them fulfill their goals is the endgame.

How could one assign a value to an independent advisor’s position of providing his clients with objective advice, focused exclusively on producing the best outcome for each client’s goal? We’d like to help you find out.