Discovery Phase

In the discovery portion of our relationship, we will meet personally, to determine how we can help create a positive impact on your financial well-being. By assessing your current and future objectives together, we can begin to establish how to position your assets to get from where you are today, to where you ultimately want them to be.

Planning PHASE

Between the Discovery and Implementation phases, we’re working to map the details of your investment approach into a step-by-step process. This phase is meant to erase any uncertainty about how we will be managing your assets, by honing your investment plan to ensure you are as comfortable as possible moving forward. Once our plan of action feels right to you, we meet to make a confirmation of commitment. 

Implementation Phase

About six weeks after we begin working together, we will meet to evaluate the early progress of your account and make any necessary changes. At this meeting, we will also start to develop your financial plan, which will entail a comprehensive evaluation of the entire range of your financial needs. By employing the expertise of professionals from our carefully selected network, you will have a plan designed to help meet your needs, using the most robust solutions available.

Ongoing Review

At our first Regular Progress Meeting, we will review your financial plan, built in collaboration with our team of specialists. Following the first progress review, we will continue to meet quarterly to make sure you’re continuing on a path of achieving what’s most important to you.

All-Access Monitoring

To monitor your assets outside of meetings, we give you access to tools that help you see more, know more, and do more. These online resources provide you with real-time data about your assets in one place, so that we can make informed decisions together.