During the 2nd quarter of this year, the world experienced a chilling array of cyber-attacks. The breadth of targets and strategies highlighted the reality of cyber warfare as a threat to our day-to-day wellbeing. While we are by no means cybersecurity experts, we respect the sensitivity of the information our clients provide and wanted to talk about some of the measures we have in place to help ensure we are protected against any sort of breach. 

1) Experts: Again, we are by no means cybersecurity professionals and would never attempt to take on this responsibility ourselves. It is for that reason we've hired an IT company with their own stable of experts. Their systems and ours are set up in a way that any threat becomes immediately apparent and quarantined. 

2) Scrutiny: Phishing is an all-too-common attempt on financial institutions to compromise security. No matter how the attack arrives, our team is trained to spot the red flags and always verify atypical requests. These protocols have helped us to maintain a spotless record of thwarted phishing attempts.

3) Infrastructure: Our budget for technology is robust for a reason. We want to ensure that our hardware and software have the highest degree of support available from their manufacturers and developers. This approach helps to curtail the risk of entry points for potential-hackers.