When your destination is a goal

that requires money to achieve...

...Designing your financial plan is the first step on your journey.

Investment Consulting

Investing with purpose helps you have the best opportunity for success, because the focus is on what you can control. Instead of the traditional Wall Street approach of picking stocks, attempting to predict the market, and developing strategies from information in the media, we treat the market as an ally. We use a disciplined process, based on proven academic research. Then, we meticulously invest as a means to help you achieve your goals.

Estate, Trust, & Charitable Planning

When you understand the complications and consequences of transferring your assets to another person or entity, you are able to combat problems early and on your terms. We facilitate the most tax-efficient methods for leaving your assets to individuals and organizations, to help ensure their transfer most closely aligns with your wishes. Our experience and expertise also helps us to recognize when changes to your goals or circumstances warrant a revision to your plan. 

Retirement Planning

The closer you are to retirement, the more important it is that you have a clear understanding of the lifestyle you hope to enjoy and the resources it will take to maintain it. This is anything but a turn-key process, so we will routinely evaluate where you are versus where you want to be, in order to help confirm you are on the path to meet or exceed your objectives. Planning for, and maintaining your lifestyle in retirement is a fluid practice that will require modifications along the way. With our help, your financial plan will be proactive, never reactive. 

Insurance Planning

As important as accumulation, preservation of wealth is the key to avoiding a "here today, gone tomorrow" scenario. Threats to wealth go far beyond a bad year in the market, which means it is critical to prepare for the unthinkable when times are good. Too often, sudden death, disability, or years of specialized care can create burdens for you and your loved ones. By addressing situations that you hope will never occur, you avoid compounding the difficulty if they ever do.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is an exercise in mindfulness. It involves an acute focus on the type of investments chosen to help accomplish your plan, in order to avoid paying unnecessary taxes from excessive buying and selling. It is an active process of applying new and existing tax rules to realize the benefits of opportunities presented by the government. At the heart of effective tax planning however, is a team of advisors with an expertise and intimate knowledge of the ever-evolving tax laws, so the decisions made with your money are always strategic and never spontaneous. 

Jump Start Program™

Designed for younger professionals and families, this program is meant to help you get off to the right start. With the expertise and oversight of our financial advisors, along with access to our confidential and secure wealth management tools, you can confidently make informed decisions about your money. Then, as your circumstances evolve and your goals change, together we will make the necessary adjustments to help make sure that your money is meeting your intended purpose.

All investments involve varying levels and types of risks. These risks can be associated with the specific investment, or with the marketplace as a whole. Loss of principal is possible.